Star Wars [Script Exercise]

I've been wanting to write fan fiction for a while. A Star Wars tale in particular. I've given it a shot a couple times. All complete failures. After seeing what this guy did with a bit of TMNT love. I thought why not give it a try and see if I can turn my love for Star Wars into something cool like that. I put together this script mostly as a needed exercise but maybe, just maybe it'll turn into a few pages.

A Star Wars Fan Fiction 
By P.B. DeBerry in script form


Lando Calrissian sits in a corner booth in a crowded tavern in Mos Espa. Sitting between him are a Quarren and Rodian. The girls seem to be bored. Off panel, Lando is in the bar for one reason. A Bith by the name of Smiley.

- Lando, baby. We're bored.

Lando smiles at the girls.

- Don't worry girls.

He grabs one by her alien hand and gently kisses her.

POV Lando. Chewbacca enters the tavern. Next to him is R2 D2

- Things are about to get interesting.


Pulled back camera's view of the whole tavern. There should be a pair of Trandoshan's standing at the bar Chewie is about to walk up to. Hidden somewhere in between the Trandoshan is the Bith Lando is looking for.

Chewie pulls up to the bar.


A human bartender looks at Chewie.

- I don't speak Wookie so if you're looking for something other than Juri juice then you're out of luck.


Chewbacca clumsily knocks over the glass of Juri juice the bartender brought him seconds earlier.

That spills all over a Bith named Smiley.

- Hey!

Trandoshan stands nose to nose with Chewie. The Trandoshan is close to the same height as Chewbacca.

- You just made a terrible mistake Wookie!

Now there are two Trandoshans. Chewie is pickled in between them.

- I hope you brought back up!

Shot of Lando. He's holding a blaster in his hand.

- You might want to get under the table, girls.


Full shot of Chewbacca. At his knees is R2 D2


Shot of one of the Trandoshan.

- This R2 unit!?

A taser line shoots out of R2... electrifying the Trandoshan

- What is he gonna dooooooooo (he's getting shocked as he says DO)

Chewie slugs the other Trandoshan.

Lando is standing next to Smiley.  His blaster in his gut.

- Nice an easy Smiley. We're walking out of here.

Lando feels a blaster in his back. The Quarren and Rodian, they each hold a blaster, but the Rodian is the one with the blaster in Lando's back.

- I don't think so baby.


Thursday is Rumoricious

The XBOX 360 system released November 2005
Today entry is delicious with tasty rumors.

The big one that came out today (Wednesday) is that Microsoft will be announcing a new gaming system that could possible be available in 2013 [source]

This rumors has been swirling for months maybe even years. First it's not the right time. The 360 still has at least two to three more years left in it's life cycle. Specially with all the updates and patches Microsoft had to implement after all the red rings of death with the early systems. The only logical time to announce a new console is during CES and that makes no sense. When the 360 was official revealed to the public May 2005 the system had it's own MTV special. It's a guarantee that Microsoft will have something very similar to that lined up.

The next rumor is probably my favorite. Rocksteady owned by Warner Bros. The developer of Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City without question the two greatest super-hero games created to date. Their next game will be... wait for it - will be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yes, the Turtles in a half-shell. [source]

First of all, yes please! What person in their right mind would not want to see this game made? But lets face it. This is just one of those horrible rumors that for some reason has legs. This game will never-ever-happen. Why? Because I really-really-really want it TO HAPPEN and the fact that TMNT is owned by Nickelodeon (Viacom) and as I said earlier Rocksteady is owned by Warner Bros. The odds of this one happening are zero.

Finally, there is a rumor going around that The Amazing Spider-man (Andrew Garfield) may make a cameo in The Avenger movie. [source]

My gut tells me no.... for the same reason that Rocksteady won't be making a Ninja Turtle game. Two different studios own the rights. In this case. Sony owns the rights to The Amazing Spider-man and Disney owns Marvel.


You Have Failed Me. Brain!

I need to come up with a new title for GO! Mutants, Monsters AND Mayhem, Go! For the life of me I can't think of one. That's not totally true. I've come up with at least a half dozen interesting (okay dumb) names.

Example of a few.
Guy Marooned on a Planet. [See dumb]
Planet tries to Eat Guy Marooned. [DUMB!]
Fuck You Stupid Planet You're Not gonna Eat Me Alive!? [This one has promise]
Bad Planet [Already a cool comic book]
Marooned [a nifty web comic]

Normally, story titles and ideas are two things that I never have problem coming up with. It's really starting to bug me.
Why the change in titles? GO! Mutants, Monsters AND Mayhem, Go! is a very awesome title for a book. But it's a tad to long and the title doesn't do a good enough job describing the story. I don't think I've ever posted what the story is about.

Here's the elevator pitch.
Rogue astronaut Brady Topps is stranded on a weird planet, with strange plants and animals, that are trying to kill him and a pair of children that have been lost on the planet for several years.

Bad Planet would have been perfect! Curse you, Thomas Jane!!


Friday Hates Blogger!

I did my thing. Showed my support against SOPA. Stayed away from the WWW for a full 24hrs. No Thursday blog or updates to my ongoing Twitter novel The Throwaways. I'm pretty sure I'll be tweeting new stuff from the novel.

new dc logo
I'm midnight surfin' and something caught my attention. The new DC logo!

Few months back DC felt the tremors in the fanboy universes when they renumber their comic books and launched The New 52.The change to the iconic characters and renumbering was like a pissed off bull in a china shop. Disastrous. Once clean up was done and the damaged assessed. I think most fanboys realized that it's still Batman, it's still Superman doing their things.That there was nothing really to the change.

dc logo in use.
Fast forward to today DC introduces the new DC logo. They announced it a few days ago but it wasn't until today that we get to see how they plan on using their new branding. I'm a fan. I'm guessing more people are gonna hate it. My understanding of logo branding is keep the design simple. The new logo is simple and it makes sense.

One other piece of interesting news THQ (one of my favorite gaming developers) is most likely going  out of  business. If you were a smart gamer, and liked raunchy over the top open world games. Pick up Saints Row The Third. If you're a poor bastard then Saints Row II is a suitable solution.


Wednesday is filled with Awesome!

Wednesday is awesome for a couple reason. You get an awesome new blog from me and it's comic book day. What more can you ask for. What you're asking for MORE! How about Lego!

Lego DCU
Back in July DC announced that in January they would be releasing a new DCU LEGO lineup. Well it's January and they are HERE well January 20th is when they go on sale. This is exciting. Not because it's boring old Batman all over again! With this set we get Supeman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luther (in one of his krypton suits) and Green Lantern. It doesn't look there are any images of the Green Lantern set. (If you find one let me know.)

What have you been reading? Anonymous emailer asks.

Well comic books of course. Although there is this new Stephen King book called 11/22/63 that I want to read.

I just finished reading Daredevil 5-7 (Waid is a perfect fit to write Daredevil. It just seems to me that I've already read what he's writing.), Brilliant 1-2 (Ugh, This might be one of those stories told better as a OGN.) and Wolverine and The X-MEN 1-4 (Might be the best written series I've read since early Ultimate Spider-man.)

Finally (Happy B-Day little brother.) do yourself a favor spend a few minutes on these cool new demos Asura's Wrath, Darkness II and Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning.  


Kickstarter Friday

Kickstarter Friday is a column that will feature some of my favorite Kickstarter projects. Projects that I think need your attention and ultimately your dollars.

What is Kickstarter? It's a fun way to fund creative projects.

Project: Evercross

Team: BOBIC ALVA CO-Writer and Writer, ROBERT CALCAGNO, CO-Writer and Writer, KEVIN JOHNSON Artistic Director

Plot: Dominic Driscoll as a boy and young man. Trained since childhood to be the perfect killer, Dominic loses his mentor to a vicious unstoppable force. The boy is shattered by this and seeks only vengeance. Though people come into his life, friends allies love interests, all he desires is the death of his mentor’s killer, he will forsake everything and everyone for blood.

Art by Nick Valente & Joaquin Pereyra

Project: Carolina Cobalt

Team: Nick Valente Pencil and Inks, Joaquin Pereyra Colorist and Adam Wollet Writer/Creator

Plot:While fleeing from the nefarious Quidloch, who he just ripped off, Carolina "Rolin" Cobalt, gets distracted by a distress beacon from a nearby planet and risks being captured in order discover its source. Minutes after Rolin's ship enters the atmosphere of the planet, he is shot down and pulled into the middle of a war between a race of scientifically brilliant yet defenseless little blue aliens and a marauding legion of Space Gangsters -- and Rolin REALLY hates Space Gangsters. Little does Rolin know that his curiosity has set him on an adventure that will lead to the discovery of a long lost family heirloom and a reconnection with his legacy.

Well that's it! If any of these projects interest you do the creators a favor. Share the project or donate a few bucks. If you have a kickstarter project and you'd like me to review and share. Send me an email.


Failed NaNoWriMo Story....

Is the start of a Twitter novel! That's right The Throwaways my failed attempt at a NaNoWri story is now gonna (most likely be a failed) Twitter novel.

A synopsis of the The Throwaways:

Buddy Rango is a henchmen. He's a been henchman for 30 years. A damn fine one, too. Voted "Henchman of the Year" 8 years straight, back in his day. Back when being a henchman meant something. Now Buddy's just a number and his number has come up. 
I understand the whole idea of a Twitter novel is to be spontaneous and just tweet your story. I say screw that! I already wrote part of the first chapter during my NaNoWri attempt. I don't see why I should waste that beginning. I'll use that with the first few tweets and wing the rest of the story.

Wish me luck!


Here's a recap of what I've tweeted:

The Throwaways by P.B.DeBerry is my failed NaNoWriMo story turned into a Twitter Novel.

Buddy Rango hated these visits. Everyone did.The dreaded physical. In Buddy's case. The job called for a physical every few days. It had become regular routine. Show up, turn and cough. Pretend you see butterflies an not rampaging robots when taking Rorschach exam. It was a pain. Fail any part of the examine you didn't get the job. Luckily super-serums and gene manipulation keep his body young and fit. The examines had gotten tougher the last few years. So it seemed. An unwritten rule of being a henchmen was that it was a young man job.


Hello 2012 (I Hope The World Doesn't End!)


Reflection on 2011 and why I hope the WORLD doesn't end!

Start things off by saying HELLO 2012 glad that you're finally here and BYE BYE 2011 it was nice hanging out with you.

Now for the part where I reflect on the highlights and totally gloss over the stupid shit that happened. Before I officially kick 2011 in the ass. I just want thank my honey for STILL putting up with my crap. She totally rocked my world everyday OF 2011. She won't read this but if she does XOXOXOX, Love you!

I was happy with 2011. Personally, I'm not gonna complain (least not here on this blog (that's what I have Facebook for.) I enjoyed a fantastic road trip to Virginia and Busch Gardens and hope to go again. Another successful faire season in the bag (14 of those now!) Not sure how many of those I have in me... I was very happy with my Christmas haul, ended up getting a buncha comics books, a eee Pad Transformer (to read even more comics), and a swell new leather jacket.

art by ricardo castiñeiras
2011 wasn't all fun trips and cool presents. Nope. My dad had a stroke and I wasn't there to help him when he called, so that depressed me a bit.... He's doing okay (see glossing.) He says he has a few more years in him.

I reached a few of my goals. First of those was Matador's Curse. It's the best thing I've ever written and probably ever write. Stefano Caroselli (Azurek Studios) is an amazing creator and has brought to life a story, I never thought I would see and hopefully read! The story should be completed by the end of February and see print probably days before the end of the world.

Then there is the project formerly know as GO! Mutants, Monsters and Mayhem, Go! Penciled & inked by Pablo (OH) Lordi. Today I received a couple mock up covers. If I must say this story is going to be a non-stop train to awesome-ville! Check out the covers here and here!

Finally, there is Marcus Muller and the King of the Unknown. Mr. Muller is going to go SUPER NOVA in 2012! I'd be an idiot if I didn't mention a couple other projects that might surface. There's plans to reboot Enchanted Mayhem with Ed Bickford and Matt Mossman and I will be working on a project so-super secret that WE don't even know what the hell it's gonna be about. Finally, finally over the next couple days I'll be blogging about the number project on my mind Monster Talents!

As you can see, 2011 was pretty good to me AND that is exactly why 2012 will most certainly end.