You Have Failed Me. Brain!

I need to come up with a new title for GO! Mutants, Monsters AND Mayhem, Go! For the life of me I can't think of one. That's not totally true. I've come up with at least a half dozen interesting (okay dumb) names.

Example of a few.
Guy Marooned on a Planet. [See dumb]
Planet tries to Eat Guy Marooned. [DUMB!]
Fuck You Stupid Planet You're Not gonna Eat Me Alive!? [This one has promise]
Bad Planet [Already a cool comic book]
Marooned [a nifty web comic]

Normally, story titles and ideas are two things that I never have problem coming up with. It's really starting to bug me.
Why the change in titles? GO! Mutants, Monsters AND Mayhem, Go! is a very awesome title for a book. But it's a tad to long and the title doesn't do a good enough job describing the story. I don't think I've ever posted what the story is about.

Here's the elevator pitch.
Rogue astronaut Brady Topps is stranded on a weird planet, with strange plants and animals, that are trying to kill him and a pair of children that have been lost on the planet for several years.

Bad Planet would have been perfect! Curse you, Thomas Jane!!