Thursday is Rumoricious

The XBOX 360 system released November 2005
Today entry is delicious with tasty rumors.

The big one that came out today (Wednesday) is that Microsoft will be announcing a new gaming system that could possible be available in 2013 [source]

This rumors has been swirling for months maybe even years. First it's not the right time. The 360 still has at least two to three more years left in it's life cycle. Specially with all the updates and patches Microsoft had to implement after all the red rings of death with the early systems. The only logical time to announce a new console is during CES and that makes no sense. When the 360 was official revealed to the public May 2005 the system had it's own MTV special. It's a guarantee that Microsoft will have something very similar to that lined up.

The next rumor is probably my favorite. Rocksteady owned by Warner Bros. The developer of Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City without question the two greatest super-hero games created to date. Their next game will be... wait for it - will be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yes, the Turtles in a half-shell. [source]

First of all, yes please! What person in their right mind would not want to see this game made? But lets face it. This is just one of those horrible rumors that for some reason has legs. This game will never-ever-happen. Why? Because I really-really-really want it TO HAPPEN and the fact that TMNT is owned by Nickelodeon (Viacom) and as I said earlier Rocksteady is owned by Warner Bros. The odds of this one happening are zero.

Finally, there is a rumor going around that The Amazing Spider-man (Andrew Garfield) may make a cameo in The Avenger movie. [source]

My gut tells me no.... for the same reason that Rocksteady won't be making a Ninja Turtle game. Two different studios own the rights. In this case. Sony owns the rights to The Amazing Spider-man and Disney owns Marvel.