207 - 211

Security Log: Cmdr Roger Gibbs

[Voice Command] Clearance: TWO ONE ONE Omega ZXX0211 Omega

Clearance: Good!

It's the end of the world here.... at least that's what I've been told. One of the critters [#129] passed away unexpectedly. Everyone is upset. There's talk that everything might need to be restarted. Beyond that, it has been amazingly boring for the good guys. (Calm before the storm?)

I went digging into Commander Raines history. My god! How have I never heard of this man, before? At the time, I never really questioned why a career man like Hammond Raines would just "retire?" Figured, age and he tired of dealing with all the bullshit that goes on in this dump. Hell, the guy is a living legend. The fact that he ended up here, tells me he pissed off a lot of people. I had to pull a buncha strings. Make some dirty promises to get a look at his file. He has every service medal imaginable. He's saved the Presidents life and was a key element in stopping an Ultra Secret Nazi invasion. The guy has practically saved the world dozens of times.

Yet, he just retires....men like Hammerin' Hammond Raines don't retire. What happened?

I still have some strings I can pull.


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Super Fail [Script Exercise ]

Super Fail
p.b. deberry
another p.brain idea

Every super-hero story has one thing in common. In the end the hero always kicks the villains ass. Ever wondered what would happen if the villains ass was never kicked and ultimately the hero failed. Welcome to that story.
First Draft

1/ - Strangely enough the tension seems to have lifted. Lawson arms are still freakishly huge and Gould's tongue still hangs from his mouth but the two seem to be more nervous about the man in the chair and his companion.

2/ - Oliver Gibson is now next to Crosswind.

XLR – Oliver Gibson is deeply sorry for your lose, Lawson Martinez.

3/ - Same as two... but XLR is now visible.

XLR – It is always difficult when a parent loses a child so young. But you must allow Dr. Gould to do his job.

4/ - Gould has a wicked smile on his face.

Gould – Yes. Lawson. Allow me the privacy to finish my job. Your niece is perfectly safe with my capable hands.

5/ - The robot XLR is now next to Lawson. Lawson arms are back to normal

XLR – Lawson Martinez. Please come with Oliver Gibson.

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1/ - Lawson walking side by side with XLR, with Oliver Gibson leading the way. Maybe shot from a  slight angle.

Lawson – It has to be the vigilante. He's the only one stupid enough to try anything like this.

2/ - The three have entered a large room full with TV screens. Each monitor is playing the same scene, in an endless loop. A women (Crosswind) hovering in the air. She appears to be trying to talk to man.

XLR – Oliver Gibson understands your desire to seek out the one responsible for your nieces death, Lawson Martinez.

3/ - On four TV monitors. We can make out the scene a playing on the monitor now. A women (Crosswind) hovering in the air. She appears to be trying to talk to man.

XLR – Winston Handler has not been heard from in nearly nine months. It would not be wise for him to challenge The EIGHT or interfere with the CORE.

4/ -  Tight on one monitor On the screen and very tight on a single image is of a man giving the finger.

Lawson – I don't think the that he gives a shit what you think.

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208- 211

Security Log: Cmdr Roger Gibbs

[Voice Command] Clearance: TWO ONE ONE Omega ZXX0211 Omega

Clearance: Good!

Routine system analyst cost me one of my men last night. The geeks assure me it was just some "SORTA" super charged feedback. 1 in 10000000 chance. Clancy doesn't seem to think so, neither do the boys. Can't say I disagree with them. Seems like since I took over as commanding officer, a lot of strange, unexplained shit has been happening.

Had a one on one conversation with Boon last night. Presented my report and theory on what happened to Clancy. He basically told me, he believes that all the strange shit is an act of sabotage. That one of my boys (because it can't be one of his guys) is to blame. The guys a Grade A asshole. But he might have a point. Ex-Station Commander Raines never mentioned anything strange happening in his exit interview. However, several of his men I interviewed did mention an "incident" that happened 211 days before I took charge.

When I questioned Boon about this "incident". He told me point blank, 'That there has never been any major incidents until my arrival.'

Fuckin' asshole. Pretty much just told me he believes I'm the one fucking with his toys.



The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal

How many hungry weasels could your body feed?

Created by Oatmeal

How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)

Created by Oatmeal


209 - 211

Security Log: Cmdr Roger Gibbs

[Voice Command] Clearance: TWO ONE ONE Omega ZXX0211 Omega

Clearance: Good!

The guys in maintenance manged to isolate the fire alarm issue. They're not entirely sure why, (Not surprised.) the damn things would sound off, once or twice a day. I'm assured the problem is fixed.

I should have known that I couldn't go a full day without something fucking up! Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to use an old, antiquated nuclear bunker as a high security research facility needs to go a few rounds with Iron Mike Tyson.

A call came that one of the critters from the ISO-Lab escaped containment. How the hell did that happened? No one knew. When we arrived on the scene it was a HUGE cluster fuck! Boon was barking orders, of course no one was listening. It seems they tried to gas the room, but the valve failed to work. The geeks were working on it, to no avail. (Big Surprise) In the end the boys and I geared up and were able to subdue the critter. (After 40 minutes of chasing the damn thing.)

Boon of course blamed me for the critters escape. Expects a full report in the morning. He can go to hell.


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210 - 211

Security Log: Cmdr Roger Gibbs

[VOICE COMMAND] Clearance: TWO ONE ONE Omega ZXX0211 Omega

Clearance: Good!

The Big's keep telling me to stop worrying! To just do your job. Everything is fine!

Well I say bullshit

The fire alarms are still going off with no explanation. I was talking to Alfferson the head of maintenance and they can't find a damn thing wrong with the fire system. (What a surprise!) The main security grid seems like it's always turning off every time we're about to move one of the freaks specimens. Just yesterday Colby, Jacobs and Myself were prepping the move of 211. Everything was going smoothly, AND bam! The goddamn grid went black. Fuck! If we were moving 211 when that shit happened. Christ. I don't even want to think what sorta chaos that would have caused.

I sent the Geeks an email, but it's like talking to a buncha eight years girls. Besides, the “solution” might be worse than the current problem. At least Boon seems to be worried about all the strange shit that's happening. I just wish I know if he was “worried” for the same reason that I'm “worried.” That guy is WAY to invested in all this mad scientist shit.

That's it for me tonight.


211 - 211

Hello my darling,

It's day Two Hundred and Eleven of our eleventh cycle.

The last of the specimens will be released into the wild today. Oddly enough the last of holdouts was species 211. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about 211 being released. Out of all the specimens, 211 was closest to what this project was all about. Moving forward, I'm glad to be finally almost done... I'm ecstatic with the results, don't get me wrong, the team and I worked our asses raw over the last eleven years. We managed to pull our shit together. Regardless what Boon and the other ass-kissers have to say. It's just the road to this point was not an easy one.

What the...? Stupid fire alarm going off in the hall way, again! Fifth time this week. Maintenance promised me that they would have that issue fixed.

Well my darling I must be going. I'm sure Boon will be screaming at me... haha! Speak of the Devil and He Shall appear. In this case He Shall Page! *sigh*

HE INFURIATES ME SO MUCH! What can I do? This is why they pay me the big bucks.

Please give my kind regards and remind my parents that I am still alive.

Love E