Kickstarter Friday

Kickstarter Friday is coming to you a day early because I will be in New Hampshire communing with nature.

Let's get started with an update on the two Kickstarter projects I talked about last week.

PARADOX#1 A Time Travel Adventure By Jack McGuigan (www.jackmcguigan.com), John Fortune and Vanessa Beckmann. With 29 days left they are VERY close to meeting their goal of $1,600. Awesome!

Holli Hoxx: A Graphic Novel By Austin & Adam Tinius and Stefano Cardosel. With 32 days left they still need your support. Their goal 6,500.

Project: "Super" Mini-Series

The Team: Justin Pierce Writer/Director. (Fall Time Production)

The Plot: Super revolves around three super powered young adults named Zach Delms (The Owl), Tristan Ballard (Tin Man) and Julia Jewels (Ghost) who have joined forces in their city Damsel, Indiana to fight crime. Up until now there have been no problems.  Then one day the leader of their rival crime fighting team, Brian Patterson (Per-Hour) pays them a little visit. He says that Ma'am, the strongest super around ( and Wicked, wise, old wiccan witch), has invited them to a party. Upon their arrival they realize this is no ordinary party. Their days as a team are numbered. Ma'am is looking to start a super team and thinks that the streets are a little too crowded with rogue supers. So there will be a contest of survival, with only three spots open. They have a month to prove their individual worth. Whoever fails will have their powers removed along with any memory of them. Let the games begin.

Project: FATSA: Lord of the Dragons

The Team: Creator Jake Mackessy Art by Babisu Kourtis

The Plot: FATSA: Lord of the Dragons is a tale about a group of children that are adventuring in the woods next to their homes. While playing Pimelo is taken by FATSA to mount Ikos, and the children must band together to save him! The tale takes you on an epic journey from Bolark Castle to the Dead Plains. The children will encounter Garcon, Ogres, Trolls and Dragons while they try to save their friend. They will need to enlist help from an epic knight and his companions to survive, come and join us on a tale of adventure and mystery!

Well that's it... I hope you find some time to check these projects out and the thousands of other projects that need your help.