Super Fail [Script Exercise ]

another p.brain idea
P.B. DeBerry
Every super-hero story has one thing in common. In the end the hero always kick the villains ass. Ever wondered what would happen if the villains ass was never kicked and ultimately the hero failed.

1/ – Roof Top. Handler sits behind an old looking chimney. (This is a futuristic world but a lot of the buildings are still old, worn down.) Handler is finishing off a beer.

Handler - (1) The Good Ol’ Days.

Handler - (2) A Time When The Bad Guys Would Actually Hide From You.

2/ – Turk. A Cyclops wannabe is looking for Handler.

Handler (3) Now They Don’t Care.

3/ – Still behind the chimney. Turk walks closer to where Handler is hiding. Handler is pulling something out of his jacket.

4/ – Small Insert Image. Close-up of piece clay. It says C4.

Handler - (4) They All Have Some Kind of Power.

Handler - (5) Some Fly. Some Jump. Some Can Lift A Tank.

5/ – On the can as it flies in the air and Turk blasts it with his optic beam.

Handler - (6) All have forgotten what it means to be human.

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PAGE SIX – Full Page.

1 – Pulled Waaaay back. We see the Mushroom of an explosion.


2– Turk is knocked sailing into the air from the explosion.

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1/ – Turk is on the ground. He’s all messed up…his face is bleeding, he’s missing teeth and one of his arms is nearly blown off.

Turk - (1) hehehe…you fucker Handler. Didn't think you had it in you.

2/ – POV Turk. We look up at Handler, he’s holding another beer.

Handler - (2) You’ve been A Bad Boy, Turk.

3/ – Tight on Turk’s messed up face.

Turk - (3) You Can’t Do Shit To Me, You Caught Me Big Fuck!

4/ – Same POV as Two. The Beer is empty.

Turk - (4) Now Call the EVAC, so I can Rot In the “Hole” For A Few Months.

5/ – Same POV as Two. Handler is holding one of his guns.

Handler - (5) I Have A Hole For You Alright. This One You Won’t Be Getting Out Of Anytime Soon.

6/ – Same POV as Two. Handler is holding the gun over Turk’s head.

Turk - (6) huh, y,you c,can’t…

Handler - (7) Wrong I Can.

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