Super Fail [Script Exercise ]

Super Fail
p.b. deberry
another p.brain idea

Every super-hero story has one thing in common. In the end the hero always kicks the villains ass. Ever wondered what would happen if the villains ass was never kicked and ultimately the hero failed. Welcome to that story.
First Draft

1/ - Strangely enough the tension seems to have lifted. Lawson arms are still freakishly huge and Gould's tongue still hangs from his mouth but the two seem to be more nervous about the man in the chair and his companion.

2/ - Oliver Gibson is now next to Crosswind.

XLR – Oliver Gibson is deeply sorry for your lose, Lawson Martinez.

3/ - Same as two... but XLR is now visible.

XLR – It is always difficult when a parent loses a child so young. But you must allow Dr. Gould to do his job.

4/ - Gould has a wicked smile on his face.

Gould – Yes. Lawson. Allow me the privacy to finish my job. Your niece is perfectly safe with my capable hands.

5/ - The robot XLR is now next to Lawson. Lawson arms are back to normal

XLR – Lawson Martinez. Please come with Oliver Gibson.

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1/ - Lawson walking side by side with XLR, with Oliver Gibson leading the way. Maybe shot from a  slight angle.

Lawson – It has to be the vigilante. He's the only one stupid enough to try anything like this.

2/ - The three have entered a large room full with TV screens. Each monitor is playing the same scene, in an endless loop. A women (Crosswind) hovering in the air. She appears to be trying to talk to man.

XLR – Oliver Gibson understands your desire to seek out the one responsible for your nieces death, Lawson Martinez.

3/ - On four TV monitors. We can make out the scene a playing on the monitor now. A women (Crosswind) hovering in the air. She appears to be trying to talk to man.

XLR – Winston Handler has not been heard from in nearly nine months. It would not be wise for him to challenge The EIGHT or interfere with the CORE.

4/ -  Tight on one monitor On the screen and very tight on a single image is of a man giving the finger.

Lawson – I don't think the that he gives a shit what you think.

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