[ARTIST NEEDED] Rob Liefeld Needed For Spaceballs and the Holy Grail


Did you answer - huh?

Then Read on adventurers!

Hi, how are you? Me? I'm great! Thanks for asking. What's that you say? My beard is awesome! Wow, thank you.

Alrighty. Alright. Enough of the tomfoolery and small talk. You're not reading this because of my badass beard. No. You're vaguely interested because I DARED to use the word Rob Liefeld in this ad.

[B]"What's the deal?"[/B] I need/want your help putting together a 10 page with cover and logo, fully colored pitch package for an over-the-top, amazingly punch-happy, uniquely strange, 100% collaboration submission to ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT.

What? You've never heard of ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT! They only produce THE BEST indie comics! FIGHT LIKE A GIRL, ZOMBIE TRAMP, SCUM OF THE EARTH and MOLLY DANGER to name a few. I'm jazzed up just thinking about ALL those great books. They are a small fish in a big pond. That has caught the eye of the bigger fishes.

Enough of my long winded rambling and man crush for those fine fellas at ACTION LAB ENT.

[B]"What's in it for me/us?"[/B] Lots of hard work. If you were looking for the obvious answer. Payment. Then I'm sorry there will most likely be very little of that. You/We will be compensated. I will do my best to put money in our pockets for the work. Sad reality is that money would have to come from sales and future Kickstarter/Patreon campaigns.

[B]"What's the story?"[/B] I'm calling it "Spaceballs and the Holy Grail." For obvious reasons can't use that title but that sums up the overall theme of the book. Madcap, in search of, space adventure silliness.

My name is Paul, my contact information is bigpants.me @gmail.com please use the SUBJECT LINE: [ARTIST NEEDED] Rob Liefeld Needed For Spaceballs and the Holy Grail

I have a few script samples here at the top if you care about that sorta thing.

Carry on,
Paul D
P. B. DeBerry is author of things OK, wearer of BiG PANTS, idea maestro, comic book samurai and zombie hipster. His beard is secretly planning world domination.



I think it's time to give something new a try... so I started a NEW blogger called FISTICUFFS AND WRITING. There really is no reason for the change other than "the grass is always greener on the other side."

With the change I will be posting excerpts from my NaNoWriMo story DISASTER PORN! The story is about a four astronauts that crash land back on Earth after being lost in space for 18 years. To find that Earth is being savaged by one disaster after another.

I've created a patreon.com/bigpants page to try raise some funds to get the book a proper cover and to release free copies once it's been completed and edited.

Hope to see you over at FISTICUFFS for all the updates.

P.B. DeBerry
Bearded Writer